This  is Soulsong, the album.   Envision an act of universal love, not anger or chaos, creating us...
empowering us with free will to decide for ourselves the more fruitful and ennobling lifeways.  Ultimately, the moral path we choose will determine the future disposition and contentment
of our individual souls. 
Eldorado Gene
             Songs available on Soulsong:

                    Veins in a Leaf
                         For Noble Souls
                         Give Something Back
                         Goin' Home
                  Sleeping on the Ground
                        Life's a Book
                                  Friends I can't See

And this soul is such a mystery
                Human kindness never dies...
              Flows forever like spring water
                  Down a rocky mountainside
              If this lifetime is just a tuneup
         For some starry-eyed, celestial band.
                      Then Paul can write the Melodies
              While Ringo Bangs the Can.
   We've got missions here...
        To walk in grace...
  To patch up fallen members
    Of the human race.
Eldorado Gene's Music
Copyright 2002 Ronald Eugene Ralph
photograph : Robbie Zimmerman